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We treat all sorts of malocclusions, from mild to complex, with aligners alone or with hybrid technique (aligner with braces, buttons, TADs, expansion screws, elastics etc.).

Neuromuscular Aligner Orthodontics


Pain in the jaw.
Clicking when opening and/ or
closing the jaw.
A locking jaw that makes it difficult to open and close the mouth.
Migraines and frequent headaches.
Faces, neck and shoulder pain or stiffness Jaw deviation while Opening mouth.

Diagnostic Aids and Records

Clinical examination, CBCT, airway analysis TENS bite
Sleep test
EMG (If required )
Body posture photos


Stage l Correction using Orthosis
Stage lI MSE Il expansion (If required)
Stage III Aligner therapy - Hybrid aligner technique
Stage IV DTR therapy (If required

Who are we?

India's First
Shape Memory Aligner Brand

Started as tweeds ortho lab and tweeds aligners. Later termed tweeds aligners to INTALIGN™. We want to innovate and reinvent everything. Since its founding in 2013, Intalign™ has been assisting orthodontists and patients. We treat with the modified hiro system in lingual ortho. With the development of technology and fresh ideas, we treated many patients and assisted orthodontists by using transparent aligners with kesling setup.

Intalign™'s powerful research and development team launched digital orthodontics in 2018. More recently, Intalign™ has advanced with direct aligners. Being the first to do so in india.

Intalign™ focuses on making direct printed clear Aligners, that's comfortable and comparatively painless than the other clear aligners, because of the shape memory at 37°c.


Years of exps

We Provide


Should wear aligners minimum 22 hours per day.

Remove aligners while having food.

Remove aligners while having hot drinks like tea and coffee.

After brushing clean aligners using Intalign™ aligner foam wash.

Start to wear new set of aligners at night.

For proper seating of aligners use Intalign™ chewies.

For removing aligners from mouth use Intalign™ removal tool.

It's recommended to remove aligners from inside (palatal /lingual).

Use the emery paper to remove sharp edges from aligners if present.

Minor to moderate pain is quite normal and disappear in few days and reappear when change to new set of aligners.

Incase of broken or lost aligners try to change to next aligners if not fitting use previous one and immediately inform the doctor.

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